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Nursing Skills & Training

Cardiac Management

Telemetry Interpretation. Pacemakers. Post-cath site care. Cardiac Drips: Amiodarone, Dobutamine, Nitroglycerin, Diltiazem, and Heparin. Acute MI & ACS nursing care.

Emergency Management

ACLS & BLS certified. Crash cart awareness. ABG interpretation. Fatal electrolyte imbalance awareness. Ambu-bag training.

Respiratory Management

Chest tubes. Shiley, Jackson, and Bivona tracheostomies. BIPAP, CPAP, High-Flow, and Mechanical Ventilation. Lung transplant nursing care.

Intravenous Therapy

Central Line, Mid-line, & PICC line care. IV insertion & maintenance. Phlebotomy skills. IV fluid, blood, and IV insulin administration & surveillance. TPN infusions. PCA management.

Nursing Technology

EPIC EHR systems. Hewlett-Packard Monitors. Glucometer. Doppler. Bladder scanner. Accudose, Omnicell, Mckesson. Infusion pumps: Alaris, Braun, and Sigma Spectrum.

Assessment Tools

Pain scores. Braden. Hendrich II fall risk scale. NIH. Glascow. CIWA. MSSA.

Precautions & Safety Awareness

Droplet, contact, enteric, & airborne precautions. Aspiration. Seizure. Spinal precautions. Medication rights & safety.

Nursing Skills

Ostomy care. Nephrostomy care. Foley & SP catheters. Continuous bladder irrigation. NG tube placement. G-J tube care. DHT care. Consicous sedation. Palliative care.

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Nursing Goals

The beauty of a nursing career is the positive difference we can make in people's lives. I want to attain more nursing education and certifications to better help my patients.

  • ​Obtain the Adult Progressive Care Nursing Certification (PCCN)
  • Obtain the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification
  • Complete a Master of Nursing in Nursing Informatics
  • Complete a Doctorate of Nursing Practice
  • Author a research paper
  • Help other nurses with career advancement

Even today, Florence is still speaking to nurses. I strive to integrate your influence and teachings into my daily nursing practice.

I attribute my success to this---I never gave up or took any excuse.

Florence Nightingale
Founder of Modern Nursing

I've had the opportunity to care for people around the country. I have a diverse nursing background from long term care to Magnet certified university hospitals.

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