Andrew Craig, RN

Caring. Compassionate. Every time.


My unique experiences in step-down, medical, surgical, travel nursing, and skilled nursing facilities has helped me become a well rounded nurse.

Emergency Management

ACLS & BLS certified. Crash carts. Ambu-bag use. Blood administration. Insulin drips.

Assessment Tools

Pain scores. Braden. Fall risk scores. NIH. Glascow. CIWA. MSSA.

Cardiac Management

EKG interpretation. Pacemakers. Post-cath site care. Cardiac Drips: Amiodarone, Dobutamine, Nitroglycerin, Diltiazem, and Heparin. ACS nursing care.

Respiratory Management

Chest tubes. ABG interpretation. ET & NT Suctioning. Shiley, Jackson, and Bivona tracheostomies. BIPAP. CPAP. Mechanical Ventilation. Lung transplant care.

IV Therapy

Central & PICC lines. IV insertion & maintenance. Blood draw. Infusion pumps.

Precaution Management

Droplet. Contact. Enteric. Airborne. Suicide. Fall. Aspiration. Seizure.


EMR. EPIC. Ventilators & NIV. Hewlett-Packard monitors. Glucometer. Doppler. Bladder Scanner. Accudose. Omnicell. Mckesson.

Other skills

Palliative care. Ostomy care. Nephrostomy tubes. Foley & SP catheters. CBI. TPN. NG tube placement. G & J-tube care. Conscious sedation. PCA management


I’ve always been interested in technology. One might say slightly geeky. Eventually, I want to use my clinical experiences and transition to into Nursing Informatics.

EPIC Charting Systems
Microsoft Office
Social Media Managment
Web Design


I’ve had the privilege to work at some of the finest hospitals in the country. My experiences have given me the tools and skills to provide excellent patient care.

Latest Project

I’m getting more involved in Nursing Informatics. I’m learning about database management and data analytics tools. I’ve joined Informatics organizations to connect and network with other professionals. Informatics is challenging but very interesting.

  • My SQL databases
  • Tableau 9

Lets work together

I’m always happy to hear from my visitors. Let me know if you’d like to work on a project together. I’d love to hear about it. E-mail me anytime through this form or at