If there was one word that could describe me, it would be Adventurous.  I've been fortunate enough to travel all over the country because of the nursing profession.

This website is meant to help curious nurses navigate the complicated realm of travel nursing. I'm also here to help nursing students be more successful in the nursing program and after graduation.

I mostly create educational videos, and Q&A posts for frequently asked questions or challenging nursing topics. 

Travel nursing is one of the best professional opportunities a nurse can encounter!

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Who is Andrew Craig, RN?

I've been a nurse since 2013'. I really enjoy helping nurses learn and discover new opportunities. I do so because I've had the opportunity to work all over the country as a travel nurse. I want to share that with other nurses.

I completely understand the struggles you face as a new travel nurse, nursing student, new grad, or a nurse contemplating a major career change. Frankly, it can be scary and very challenging to navigate on your own!

I'm here to help. Feel free to comment below with questions. You can also contact me personally at

You can connect with me on my Linkedin profile to learn more about my specific professional experiences.

In the beginning, I had ZERO nursing experience!

I started out in nursing homes for about a year and a half. That was a tough setting to be in so I decided to get out of long term care. My wife worked at the Unversity of Iowa Hospital so I decided to apply. She's an RN as well. ​I was fortuante enough to get the job because it was this acute care experience that jump started my travel nurse career.

I worked on a pulmonary step down unit for a little over a year and we both decided to start travel nursing. We were looking for a fun change in our life.

We were fortunate enough to know a travel nurse that had a great recruiter at Medical Solutions. ​If you want specific recruiter information, contact me directly. After our few talks, we were hooked! We put in our notice and started traveling at the beginning of 2016."

We've worked in four different states primarily on step-down units since that's where most of our experience has been. We've had great nursing experiences as well as ones that have professionally challenged us. Traveling drastically broadens your nursing horizon and helps you become a much stronger nurse.

So why did I start my website?

I wanted a professional hub where I shared my professional skills, while at the same time, connect and share the life of a travel nurse with other nurses. I also create content to help travel nurses, nursing students, and new grad nurses a like.

​A little about me...

I was born March 5, 1988 in Idaho Falls, ID. I've spent most of my life in the midwest however. I'm an only child.

I love great danes. I wanted to be marine biologist when I grew up but that's obviously not panned out. I've worked in construction, food, tow trucking driving, roofing, hanging drywall, laying concrete, lab tech, tutor, Kirby vacuum salesman, and vitamin store clerk. I was medically discharge from the U.S. Navy.

It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted out of life.

I attained the ADN at Black Hawk Community College which has a fantastic nursing program. I completed the BSN online at Western Governor's University and that's where I'm also working on the MSN of Nursing Informatics that I project to be done by the end of 2017'.

I'm married to a wonderful lady! Sarah Craig. She's incredibly supportive of me and manages to still love me no matter how many stupid things I managed to do.

We travel the country together and will work the same unit as well. We're a dynamic duo known as, "The Craig Team." My wife and I are currently living in Apple Valley, Minnesota but who knows where we'll be in five years. I'm always open to new opportunities.


Anything computer related. I spend most of my time on the computer. I've always been a big kid at heart and I still love video games. In fact, I have a Twitch profile if I ever get around to streaming video games again!

I love to travel thanks to my wonderful wife. She got me out of the midwest and we've seen some amazing places all over the world. We've been to almost every state. I've been to multiple European countries and a couple cruises. I'm very lucky to have had those experiences. I'm always up for traveling to new places though!

Hey! Before you go!

I want to thank you for being here. I really appreciate your time! ​

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