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Andrew Craig has a BSN and is currently working on his MSN of Nursing Informatics. He received his ADN from Black Hawk Community College then went online to study at Western Governor's University. He tutored nursing and science classes in college. He has worked in long term care, progressive care, and is currently a travel nurse with his wife Sarah. Sarah is also a nurse. They both enjoy traveling together but love to chill and watch Netflix as well.

Nov 08

Furnished Finder makes the life of a traveler so much easier

By Andrew Craig, RN | Housing

The housing struggle is very real for travelers. Fortunately, on our first assignment, we lived with Sarah’s sister.We had it so good at that time. We didn’t realize the struggle until we ventured out a little farther from home. However, we had serious challenges our second and third assignment. In Oregon, our second assignment, we worked […]

Jun 25

Travel Nurse Housing: The Definitive Guide 2017

By Andrew Craig, RN | Housing

​It’s no secret that housing is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a travel nurse. Sarah and I have lived in hotels, resorts, furnished apartments, corporate housing, and even with family. In this guide, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about travel nurse housing and how to tackle […]