Jun 21

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Andrew Craig has a BSN and is currently working on his MSN of Nursing Informatics. He received his ADN from Black Hawk Community College then went online to study at Western Governor's University. He tutored nursing and science classes in college. He has worked in long term care, progressive care, and is currently a travel nurse with his wife Sarah. Sarah is also a nurse. They both enjoy traveling together but love to chill and watch Netflix as well.

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Lita 6 months ago

Hi Andrew, thanks for this short but interesting video. I wonder if you have ever think about stepping up on the nursing ladder? I mean, what is the possibility of a travel nurse to become charge nurse, head nurse, etc? Do they need to settle in one place in order to do so?

One a different note, i think the background music of this video is a bit too loud. It’s hard to hear you clearly, or maybe it’s just my non-English ear 😄😄

Cheers, Lita

    Andrew Craig, RN a few months ago

    Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely take a look at the background music. 🙂 Truthfully, stepping up the nursing ladder is something I don’t have much interest in. Why? You get WAY more bureaucracy as you step up the ladder. Charges, management, and administration. It’s bad from what I’ve read. While I appreciate your suggestion, I’m staying away from those roles as long as I possibly can. If I were to settle, I would be very hesitant.

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